He's too smexy!!

so I got a little inspired a few weeks ago and ended out creating a random little animation featuring a Rin twisting of "I'm too sexy".

Something I felt you guys here might appreicate!!!

the finished product can be found here

:Collapse )

though I do warn you that it contains less than subtle referencing to a Ken/Rin paring.

(this because that's my particular OTP)

NELL FLAP (with piano version) [fanmade PV]

I found a funny thing about the Live Performance 'NELL FLAP' from mov'on 7 - it was kinda easy to make it synchronous to the Piano Version. I spend about 3 Hours creating some sort of "Fan-PV" (hehe) for "NELL FLAP (with piano version)" - This is the outcome. Its not that spectacular so please dont expect too much. After all its still what i wanted to get out of my idea, so im happy with the result. Comments (prefered at youtube directly) still are always welcome. See it here: [link]
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[Request] Look Up Days mp3

Hi!! I'm a newbie here and I was wondering does anyone has Look Up Days mp3 sang by Michihiro Kuroda ?? I like that song very much and I've been looking for the song since 2006 ( it was released ) ..I've given up a couple of times in finding that song but just recently I have the urge to have the song . So, anyone can help me???

Thank you.