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I'd like to tap that :D [entries|friends|calendar]
<3 Rin is Love <3

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SALE [30 Apr 2010|01:04am]


Hello fellows!
I have some things for sale. All items are new, in good condition.

Scarecrow FC photos (only Bassie, Rin, Hideki)
14 photos (from Voyage & RSF Tour)
size 9x12,5 cm

more under the cutCollapse )



He's too smexy!! [09 Feb 2009|07:17am]

so I got a little inspired a few weeks ago and ended out creating a random little animation featuring a Rin twisting of "I'm too sexy".

Something I felt you guys here might appreicate!!!

the finished product can be found here

:Collapse )

though I do warn you that it contains less than subtle referencing to a Ken/Rin paring.

(this because that's my particular OTP)
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NELL FLAP (with piano version) [fanmade PV] [14 Sep 2008|06:07pm]

I found a funny thing about the Live Performance 'NELL FLAP' from mov'on 7 - it was kinda easy to make it synchronous to the Piano Version. I spend about 3 Hours creating some sort of "Fan-PV" (hehe) for "NELL FLAP (with piano version)" - This is the outcome. Its not that spectacular so please dont expect too much. After all its still what i wanted to get out of my idea, so im happy with the result. Comments (prefered at youtube directly) still are always welcome. See it here: [link]
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SALES POST \8D/ [24 Aug 2008|10:09pm]

Items located under the pseudo-cut!
WARNING: Very image-heavy
fake cut to sales 8D

x-posted to da_family & scarecrow_band

[Request] Look Up Days mp3 [13 Jul 2008|05:05pm]

Hi!! I'm a newbie here and I was wondering does anyone has Look Up Days mp3 sang by Michihiro Kuroda ?? I like that song very much and I've been looking for the song since 2006 ( it was released ) ..I've given up a couple of times in finding that song but just recently I have the urge to have the song . So, anyone can help me???

Thank you.
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programs [22 Jun 2008|01:03pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I come baring links for a few images out of the Fronter program:http://www.megaupload.com/?f=NCE598KV

and the 'Frontier photo' collection:

I appologise for their general naffness but I don't own a scanner and thus had to use my camera to get the images!


Scarecrow Lyrics? [09 Jun 2008|05:53pm]

Does anyone have the romaji of the QUAD album?

Live repo [07 Jun 2008|10:20pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I was lucky enough to catch the Frontier tour final live and wanted to share my experiences with everyone!

Now I've never done a repo before so I appologise in advance if it's a little random/repetitive!

one repoCollapse )

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DVD-Cover Scan for the SCARECROW LIVE DEVOUR TOUR QUAD FINAL (limited) [07 Jun 2008|04:49pm]

See your next MUST-HAVE xD~

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(Request) Frontier [04 Jun 2008|10:49pm]

Has anyone been able to get the album yet? I'm out of funds this time. I'm saving up for a trip to Ontario in August.
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a plea! [03 May 2008|03:36am]

Cross posted from my LJ thus many appologies to those on my flist!!!

could someone here either help me fill this:

out or point me in the direction of someone who could do as such!

I want to get to one of the concerts in July (preferably the one that's listed as the 'birthday special') and I also want to collect the ticket from the actual venue rather than have it delivered because I won't be in Japan until literally a day or so before the concert begins.

You may also feel free to tell me that I'll have to que the day before I want to go because I'm not a member of the fanclub (though I realy should join given how much I <3 Rin) and thus can't pre-order tickets.

You may feel free to name a relisitic favour for this aid at a later date!

quad [03 Mar 2008|12:42pm]

I'm certain that, by now, every has managed to secure a copy somehow.

Despite this I give you Quad Minus Steal your Misery, Capsual Bunny and Tomorrow:

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Posting & Requesting [25 Nov 2007|11:07pm]

Hey, um i know i've been annoying lately requesting rare stuff from Michihiro. I was wondering if anyone has his Look Up Days Single? I can't find that anywhere's on the net.

Also, anyone here that would like certain Rin songs, i have them all except that one so feel free to request here on comments and ill reply giving you the song
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Requesting SCARECROW QUAD Lyrics [18 Nov 2007|08:27am]

I do have the Album QUAD by SCARECROW.
If anyone is capable to, i can send you the Lyric Scans for the Songs on it.
I'm asking for Transliterations for them to Romaji and MAYBE Versions in Kanji - thanks!
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Requesting Scarecrow QUAD [06 Nov 2007|02:04pm]

Im not sure if people have this album but i've been looking for it on the net and i cant find it anywhere, if anyone knows of any torrents or has the album and doesn't mind uploading it, I'd really appreacite it
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Request) Scarecrow - Hot Road Single [10 Oct 2007|02:33am]

Umm ello, could anyone upload this single if they have it? It would be really appreacited.
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plea [01 Aug 2007|08:42am]

would anyone have both versions of the strikeback of phyco pv or an mp3 for Final Prayer that they'd be willing to share? I'd offer random Rin things in return but I'm assured everyone here already has all the Rin merchendise they'll ever need!!
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translations [03 Jun 2007|10:39am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

can anyone here suggest a good place to find translations for some of Rin's works? I'm basically compleetly ignorant as Japanses goes (something that I'm ashamed of!) and I'm desperate to understand the 'meaning' behind Rin's songs if only so that I can love them even more!

Specifically I'd love to find somewhere that has translations for the stuff on the In Depth album as that's the one I've got on repete at the moment!!


tentative hi [13 May 2007|10:17am]

decided that it was time to come out of the Rin love closet and join this community!

Have been a Rin lover for about three years now and recently became an addict thanks to CD Japan, Scarecrow and the few PV's available on YouTube

That's about all I have to say so I'm going to slink off now!!

Hey, everyone! [04 Jan 2007|03:56pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Rin is god. =D We all know this. <3

Ne, would someone be nice enough to upload Iceman's PV for Strikeback of Psyco? I've been searching for it with absolutely no luck. ;-;

Arigatou gozaimasu~!


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